Do you need to have any previous experience or technical knowledge?

You don’t need to have any specific knowledge to enjoy the different circuits. Our team of guides will tell you before you begin how to use all the material and the dynamics of the activity.

Is it necessary to have a specific physical preparation?

You can enjoy all the activities, regardless of your physical and sports level. All circuits are ready for all audiences.

From what age can I perform the circuits?

We have circuits for everyone from 3 years old, also for adults! The green circuit is the easiest and is designed for children between 3 and 8 years, always accompanied by an adult. The blue circuits are for participants from 8 years and 1.20 m in height and the red circuit is for participants from 12 years and 1.50 meters in height.

What should i bring?

You don’t need to bring any technical material, we’ll let you know. We recommend that you wear closed sport shoes and comfortable clothes. You can’t do the activity with flip flops or shoes that are not tied to the foot.

What is included in the ticket price?

You can buy a ticket for 1, 2 or 3 circuits. With the ticket price, we will provide you with all the material to carry out the circuits (harnesses, safety carabiners and helmet). In addition, you can also enjoy all the services offered by the park: bar service, picnic area, natural lake beaches, forest area and parking.

Can I repeat the circuit once it is finished?

The tickets allow you to do each circuit once. You can repeat the circuit if you buy another ticket.

Are there any weight limits to do the circuits?

The European safety standard doesn’t allow people over 120 kg to do the activity.

How long are the circuits?

Green circuit: 1 hour

Orange circuit: 40 minutes *

Blue circuit 1: 45 minutes *

Blue circuit 2: 45 minutes *

Red Circuit: 1.5 hours *


* Approximate duration, may vary according to the ability and agility of each person

What should I do if I have a problem during the circuit?

In case there is any problem, a guide will help you to leave the circuit in a simple and safe way.

Can I bring food to the park?

No, you can’t. We have a bar and a restaurant (durnig summer season) in the park, you can eat here if you feel like 🙂

Can pets enter the park?

Yes, animals can enter, as long as they are bound and always under the supervision of their owners.

Can the activity be suspended?

The activity is only suspended in case of adverse weather conditions such as electric storms, strong winds, etc. In these cases a voucher will be issued for another day.

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