1. It is totally prohibited to smoke inside the facilities of the Pyrenees Parc Aventura.
  2. The ages and the minimum heights of each activity must be respected.
  3. You must attend the explanations of the guides before starting the activity.
  4. The activity can only be carried out with the security material provided by the Pirineus Parc Aventura personnel. It is strictly forbidden to modify or deteriorate this material.
  5. The management reserves the right to close the park for exceptional circumstances such as adverse climatic events.
  6. Pirineus Parc Aventura is not responsible for possible injuries caused by misuse of the material or the activity or failure to comply with the park’s security regulations.
  7. You have to follow the signposted paths and trails to move inside the park.
  8. Users can rest and use the enabled areas: reception area and bar, picnic area, playground and natural beaches.
  9. The children’s play area is a free play area designed for children from 0 to 7 years old. Supervision of children is due to their companions.
  10. Pay attention to the natural environment of the park and treat with maximum respect the flora and fauna.
  11. It is prohibited to modify or deteriorate the facilities of the park, whether it’s signs, delimiters, furniture, etc.
  12. The companions who do not carry out the activity can use the leisure and rest areas.
  13. Pirineus Parc Aventura is not responsible for the lost objects, nor for the deterioration of personal effects.
  14. The management reserves the right of admission.
  15. Infringement of these regulations may be reason of expulsion of the park’s facilities.
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