The safety of our visitors is above all.

The park was built in 2016, and from the beggining the most innovative systems and materials on the market have been used. In Pirineus Parc Aventura you will enjoy a fun and exciting experience with total security.

Regarding the construction and operation of the park’s facilities, we are strictly governed by European regulations: the UNE EN 155671 with regard to construction, and UNE EN 155672 with regard to the operation.

Every day, before opening to the public, we certify that all facilities are in perfect condition. Every year we carry out an exhaustive review of the installations through an external audit that certifies the optimal state of the installations in accordance with the European regulations.


We provide equipments approved by the CE, obligatory for all visitors: a harness, a helmet, some bagas, carabiners and a pulley. Before starting the activity, our guides make an explanation to the participants with a demonstration of how to use the security material throughout the circuit.

We use smart carabiners to tie the participant into the circuit. These carabiners use the new CliCiT system and have been created specifically for leisure sports (in accordance with Directive 89/686 / EEC). They guarantee at all times the appropriate subjection from the beginning to the end of the route, since they do not allow the simultaneous removing of the two carabiners of the line of life. You will be bound and subject to safety at all times.

For the green circuit (for the smallest kids) we use a continuous line of life carabiner that follows the cable throughout the circuit without having to take it off. Children’s participants will be accompanied by an adult who can help them at any time.

Every year there is a phytosanitary study with a complete diagnosis of the health and resistance of the trees affected by the construction. We want to ensure that they do not suffer and at the same time that they support the facilities properly.

We are members of the Spanish Association of Adventure Parks, which is responsible for ensuring security and improving the service offered to users. We follow the official maintenance protocols and the activities we offer are certified annually according to UNEEN 155671/2 regulations of adventure parks.

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